Principles of Health and Social Care Essay

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Principles of Health and Social Care Practice
This unit develops understanding of the values and principles that underpin the practice of all those who work in health and social care. The essay consider theories and policies that underpin health and social care practice and explore formal and informal mechanisms required to promote good practice by individuals in the workforce, including strategies that can influence the performance of others. The first part of this essay will consider how principles of support are implemented by using Overton house residential care home to evaluate and explain how principles of support are applied. Key concepts such as person-centred approach and dilemmas and conflicts arising from the
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There is regular visit by relatives and friends in the home especially in birthdays and Christmas celebrations relatives are invited and this forms part of good practice in the home where relative’s friends and social workers form part of the continuity of care.
Opportunities for leisure activities
AS part of the care process residents go on outings to nearby pubs and cinemas accompanied by carers. Another leisure activity is taking residents out for shopping, and attending places of worship if it is within the individual's capacity to do so.

2. Outline of procedure for protecting clients, patients and colleagues from harm in the nursing home
Overton house residential home has a very comprehensive plan and procedure for protecting clients, patients and colleagues in the care home.
Steps 1 Before staffs is recruited reference are taking up and character checks are taken to ensure that the right staff with no criminal conviction or abusive behaviour are not employed. Written references are confirmed by telephone calls
Step 2 Within the care home there is weekly risk assessment to identify any potential physical risk such as potential of fire by inspection of all electrical equipment, the floor to make sure that the potential for fire or trip is ruled out and the doors to the home and the rooms are secure so that there will be no intruders from outside..
Step 3 Step three involves risk and

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