Principal Responsibilities And Role Of Staff Essay

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1) What is a Mentor RA? Primary responsibilities and role on staff? What skills/abilities/talents do you possess that will help you to be successful in these roles?

A Mentor RA is a person responsible for developing RAs into great role models. As result, the RAs will have residence halls that will have a positive and safe learning environment in which the students can excel academically and professionally. I have developed and continue to develop social and leadership skills that would allow me to develop my fellow RAs into great role models. With these skills and many others, I will continue on develop old and new skills in order improve as a person and mentor.

2) How would you work to create staff unity? What specifically would you do to that end? How would you address RA staff members who were not fulfilling their job expectations?

Having staff unity is an important part of being a productive group of RAs. In order to have staff unity, it is important to have unity within mentor groups; therefore it is important to develop unity with the mentor group. This can be achieved by having mentor group activities during training. And this unity can be maintained by having mentor group bonding activities throughout the school year.

There might be some RA staff members who will not fulfilling their job. I think it would be better to prevent them from not fulfilling their duty by instill in them the desire and love to their job. Even with this prevention, there might be a…

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