Princess Summer Book Report

1873 Words 8 Pages
Disclaimer: Anything is RED is not part of the manuscript.

Cover Page:

Title and Princess Summer
Blowing a Bubble

Dedication Page:

I dedicate this book to Tony, Summer and Savannah- the adventures are just beginning.
I love you. Always and Forever.

Title Page:

The Adventure of
Princess Summer
Written by Crystal McKnight
Illustrated by Izzy Bean

A Read-Aloud Storybook

Edited by Johnetta Lofton & Unber Ahmad

Page 1:

Castle sitting on Bubble Gum Hill
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Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Summer. Princess Summer lived in a magnificent castle in the land of Savannah. The castle was nestled on top of Bubble Gum Hill and overlooked all the land. It was surrounded by
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She wished she was free like the townspeople. As she daydreamed, Princess Summer stuffed her mouth with one sugary ball of gum after another until her cheeks puffed like a blow-fish.

Page 6:

Princess Summer Floating with Bubble Gum in Mouth. 3 Stars Hanging Above her Head.
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With her mouth full of sugary goodness, the princess sang to herself, I’m not a bird, I’m not a dragon, but I wish I could fly. High in the sky, I wish I could fly.
Princess Summer blew a bubble, and, suddenly, she was no longer resting on her bed! The princess sang her wishes true, and she was flying!

Page 7:

View of Princess with Bubble Gum Bubble from Above. Arms out to the Side.
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Princess Summer was so happy that she clapped her hands in excitement and popped her bubble! She fell to the bed with a plop but immediately jumped to the floor and tried again. Princess Summer blew another bubble, and, just as before, she started to
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As she climbed in, a dandelion fell onto her lap. She quickly grabbed it right as the king peeked into her room.

Page 27:

King Kissing Princess Summer Goodnight
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“Goodnight, Princess. No wild adventures tonight. Sweet dreams,” the King said.
The princess replied, “No adventures, Father.”
“At least, no more tonight,” she whispered to herself as the King left the room.

Page 28:

Princess Summer in bed hold a Dandelion Flower
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She looked at the dandelion in her hand, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.


Back Cover:

Floating Bubbles

In the first book of the series, Crystal McKnight introduces Princess Summer and the magical world of Savannah. Princess Summer is a bubbly little girl who lives in a big castle on Bubble Gum Hill. She longs for new adventure but is never allowed to leave the castle. One day, when Princess Summer finds a new kind of magic, she finally gets her chance to discover all the wonders of the land of Savannah. The townspeople are astounded by Princess Summer’s new trick. Join Princess Summer and find out what she learns on the first of her many

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