Short Story: The Wonder Horse

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lucy. She lived in a tiny town way up in the high desert where the air was cool and sweet as chili pepper ice cream. And Lucy loved a horse.
She used to wake up every morning and go to bed every single night thinking of JUST ONE THING . . . Rex, The Wonder Horse. The most extraordinary horse in the whole wide world.
It wasn 't easy having a friend like Rex. Wherever Rex and Lucy went, trouble followed ----lots of trouble.
Although pretending was fun, Lucy wanted real adventures with Rex.
But she didn 't know how to do that. Until something amazing happened.
As Lucy walked home from school, a wicked wind blew in from the west. It kicked up tumbleweeds, flipped over chickens, and glittered with mysterious stars. Lucy had never seen stars like that! They danced
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Then she saw the message that began: Dear Lucy . . .
The next morning, Lucy bounced out of bed with a whoop of joy. Rex was coming! She dressed quickly. Today was going to be the best day ever.
“Lucy” her mom called, “time to go.”
Lucy raced to the kitchen where she saw her friends, Sammy and Mariposa.
“Surprise” they said, “we 're coming with you.”
“I have a surprise, too.” Lucy 's mom said. “Ozzie, our new neighbor, is coming with us today. Won 't that be fun?
“Okay, let 's go!” Lucy 's mom said. “Lucy, stay with Ozzie. Don 't let him get into any trouble.”
On the way to the park, Sammy whispered, “The cow is spooky.” Mariposa giggled. “Nah, he 's in a bad moooooo 'd”
“I 'm not a COW!” growled Ozzie, “I 'm a GNU.”
Sammy laughed, saying. “What can you do with a grumpy gnu?”
Lucy didn 't laugh. She was worried.

When they got to the park, Sammy yelled, “Last one on the slide is a rotten banana.”
Then raced Mariposa to the playground.
“Wait for me!” cried Lucy.
“Lucy, don 't forget about Ozzie.” her mom said.
“BUT MOMMMMMMMY...”she wailed. ”What can I do with a grumpy gnu?”
Lucy 's mom smiled and walked

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