Prewriting Activities Essay

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1. My hypothetical class is a creative writing class for high school seniors (17-18 years old) and there are fourteen students in the class. The class has a good grasp on writing poetry, minimal experience writing non-fiction and fiction stories with and without dialogue, and are extremely comfortable sharing their pieces with me (the teacher) and their classmates. They do not however, have experience with merging fiction and non-fiction, so that is a major accomplishment goal with this piece. Right now it is April (mostly through the school year), so the students are familiar with each other and with me. While they write personal pieces, they have not written real autobiographies, so that is another goal with this project.

2. The assignment
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A prewriting activity I may use to introduce my students to the assignment is have them write a list of events in their life that they remember for a significant reason. This will be an in class activity and I will just have them write as many events as they can in five minutes. With this activity, I won’t have them write any details about the event, just the event itself, for example: ‘when my little sister was born’. After that is done, I will have them write another list of events they hope to happen in their life. Again, no details, just the event. An example of this will be: ‘graduating college’. This will just make them think about significant events that have happened and events they hope to happen in their lives, since they will have to narrow it down to three true events and three events that haven’t actually happened.

5. The focus lesson I would teach in support of this assignment would be about writing about events in general. This would include writing about one event as well as writing about multiple events in a sequence, which is the final product. I would talk about how description of the event, plus details that are specific to the event are important. Conveying of emotions would also be included because if the event is significant, there must be a reason, which should convey an emotion. Finally, I would talk about transitional words such as ‘first, lastly, and then,’ and so

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