Presidential Elections Are Held Once Every Four Years Essay

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Presidential elections are held once every four years. There is a democratic, a republican, and/or a non-party nominee running for office. Hillary Clinton is considered the Democratic Party’s nominee, whereas the republic party’s nominee is still up for grabs. The two best candidates for the Republican Party’s nominee is Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Who will the Republican Party choose? Donald Trump seems to be in the lead for the nomination by a 15.8-point spread (Real Clear Politics, 2016), but Jeb Bush is not far behind. Jeb Bush ends up beating out Donald Trump and wins the Republican Party’ nominee.
Everyone is cheering, “Bushing to the White House” “Bushing to the White House” best suits Jeb Bush’s campaign because he is all for supporting and protecting the peoples, and he will and can push his way into the white house. He is a businessman and a politician who is not solely a conservative republic, but one who understands, a well rounded enough of the people and not just his own party. He is able to touch a numerous amounts of people, with the issues and ideas he raises. Jeb Bush is making decisions based on what he believes is right for the people, what our constitution holds correct for us as the people. What is portrayed as our liberty and rights as being Americans and living on American soil?
The best running mate for Jeb Bush would be Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz’s campaign supports and protects the rights of the amendment. Specifically on gun control, Ted Cruz “opposes…

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