Presidential Election Of The United States Essay

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2016 witnessed one of the most remarkable elections in the United States History between two extremely polarized candidates with low approval rates in both sides of the battle, what also made this election race special is the fact that it resulted in the victory of the first president of the united states without any previous government or military experience, Donald Trump won the presidential race over the secretary of state and the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a total of 290 electoral votes. One of the demographics that plays a major role in determining the winner of the election is the white working-class voters, this group alone formed 44% of 2012 voters (Cohen). Despite the fact that this group usually goes Republican, the winning gap between the two candidates is significant in the swing states. According to Paul Sracic, “union households were largely responsible for holding down the margin of Obama 's overall loss of the white working-class vote in Ohio to only 14 points”, in result, Obama won the key swing state of Ohio with a very narrow margin. As the New York Times exit polls indicate, one of the biggest losses the democratic party suffered in comparison with the 2012 elections was in the white working-class men demographics, in which Donald Trump had a huge lead over Mrs. Clinton exceeding Mitt Romney voting numbers in 2012 the by 14 points. The reason behind the enormous weakness Mrs. Clinton showed in this specific demographic is rather…

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