Essay on Presidential Election : Hillary Clinton

1038 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
In the 2016 Election we could not have two more opposite candidates when talking about their past Political involvement. Hillary Clinton, who has a long resume filled with numerous positions throughout her career, and then there is Donald Trump, a successful businessman but with no experience on Capital Hill. Hillary Clintons lengthy political career all started in law as a lawyer where she had her first encounter with politics when she took part in the investigation of the Watergate incident in 1974. Shortly after she moves to Arkansas and gets married to her current husband bill who would be the Governor of Arkansas making her the First Lady of Arkansas. As the first lady of Arkansas you see her to start taking some of her strong views on family’s and kids into action, Betty Boyd Caroli writes, “Hillary worked on programs that aided children and the disadvantaged…. She also served as chair of the Arkansas Education Standards and Committee and founded the Arkansas Education Standards Committee and founded the Arkansas Advocates for children” (Caroli). Her next step was becoming The First Lady of the United States when her husband won the presidential race in 1992. During her time in the White House her image of being a crooked politician started to pick up with her involvement with the Whitewater and Travelgate scandal’s. After leaving the white house she began her career as a U.S Senator for New York in 2001, and later ran for the democratic nomination for president in…

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