Presidential Election : Electoral College Essay

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The presidential election was established in the United States Constitution each four years. There are several predefined requisite for candidates to be eligible for presidency, markedly, the candidate have to be above 35 years old, born in the United States or have took up residence in United States for 14 years. If candidates have fulfilled these criteria, they will continue with the general procedures for presidential election. The first step of a presidential campaign is the nomination campaign in attempt of gaining corroboration from the delegate. Soon, the locals participate in nominating presidential candidates through caucuses and primary in the states. Candidates who have successfully nominated in the election are declared at national party conventions. After the convention, the second stage of the presidential campaign begins: the election campaign. In this stage, presidential candidates from distinct parties vie against each other. Till the first Tuesday of November, citizens balloting to select groups of electors in the Electoral College. Important to realize, the Electoral College exists for the purpose of compromise between the popular vote from general public and the ideal election for president from the Congress. An elector not necessarily a senator, representative or other person works in United States office. Finally, on January 20th, the elected president moves into the White House with ceremonial known as inauguration and takes the president vow.…

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