Essay On Should Electoral College Be Abolished

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The Electoral College Needs to be Abolished Every four years, millions of Americans rush to the polls to vote for the next President of the United States of America. What many Americans voting today may not know is that they are participating in an unfair system; this system is taking power from a majority of Americans and placing an emphasis on the few. The best solution to this problem is the simplest one, abolish the Electoral College and use a popular vote for the election of the most important position in the world, the President of the United States. The Electoral College makes it so not all votes are counted equally. In 2008, 70.39% of votes had no impact on the election. In 2000, 79.28% of the votes did not matter ("Problems with the Electoral College-Fairvote"). In all but two states, Maine and Nebraska, if a candidate gets even 50.1% of the votes it means the other 49.9% of votes do not count at all. This process skews elections and makes candidates seem more victorious then they actually are. In fact, it is possible to win with 21.8% of the popular vote by winning the smaller 39 states by a small margin and getting slightly over 50% in the District of Columbia (Lewis). If an election …show more content…
Three candidates have lost the popular vote and won the election ("The Tarnish of the Electoral College"). When the elected candidate does not reflect the votes of the American people, it shows a flawed system. In addition, there have been four times where a candidate won the popular vote but lost the election ("Presidential Election Facts"). Candidates winning the popular vote but losing the election begs the question,"how fair is our current system?" Candidates who should not have won a political election have won several times, while candidates who should have won in some cases, have not. This proves that our current political system needs to be

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