Essay on President Is A Good Leader

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There are many different qualities people consider a president should contain. For centuries the United States has gone through their fair share of satisfying presidents, and unsatisfying ones. Presidential qualities make up whether a president was treated a good leader, or a not so good leader. The three presidential qualities I believe every president should contain are, a strong vision, strong leadership, and has to be a public servant. Many presidents in the past did not have a strong vision and this is why I believe they lost control of their presidency.
A strong vision for our country is a very important thing to have while you are president. Lincoln Is one example of having a prime strong vision for our country. He “understood that there 's a sequence for implementing his visions. he knew he couldn’t deal with slavery directly until he dealt with keeping the union together.” Even though Lincoln felt very strongly when it came to abolishing slavery, he knew that he shouldn’t rush all of it onto congress while the war was still going on. So he gradually started talking about it to the people, and to his men. He later presented the idea of the 13th amendment to congress, and with a lot of controversial talk about this bill, He soon got it passed by the House. This implies that Lincoln had strong visions because he wanted something to be done for the country, and he went for it not caring what the others might conclude. With doing this he passed a law that nobody had…

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