Essay on Prescription Drugs And Non Medical Purposes

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The most common source of prescription medication in which adolescents use for non-medical purposes are peer sources (McCabe & Boyd, 2005). Though the sources of the prescription drugs may not be surprising, there are surprising correlations with the source and the use of prescription drugs and other dangerous substances. For example, users who acquired their prescription medication from peers were four times more likely to report heavy episodic drinking (McCabe & Boyd, 2005). Furthermore, users who acquired their prescription medication from peers were also more likely to report concurrent use of alcohol and other drugs (McCabe & Boyd, 2005). However, it is also important to note, that in a day of such vast technology, anyone can gain access to prescription drugs over the internet and taken without the supervision of a physician (Compton & Volkow, 2006).
There are many reasons why adolescents begin experimenting with the non-medical use of prescription drugs. Adolescents not attending school or dropping out of school are at a very high risk for partaking in non-medical use of prescription drugs (Havens et al., 2011; Wu et al., 2008). Adolescents who have a history of mental health problems and who utilize mental health services of psychological and emotional problems were at an increased risk for non-medical prescription drug use (Sung et al., 2005; Wu et al., 2008). Furthermore, opioid misuse in co-occurrence with mental health problems was very common among…

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