The Importance Of Communication In Early Childhood Education

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From reading over the handouts given to me from every student in class, I was able to pull several similarities and differences out from the seventeen interviews. A significant difference that I took away from this assignment was the differences early care/preschool educators versus those who teach in primary public school grades. Early care/preschool educators focus more on the aspect of cognitive, social, and academic skills that children develop from birth to about age five. Children are at their basis of learning in early care/preschool, they are still learning their alphabet and are becoming acquainted with being in a classroom setting. While primary public school grade educators take the knowledge that children have learned previously …show more content…
Many touched on the area of “How do you handle parents who are difficult?” Answers ranged from a variety of teachers. Several of the teachers stated that they like to keep positive communication with the parents from the beginning of the year, while another teacher said that they like to be upfront with the parents and give solutions to the parents about how to handle situations with their child. Personally, I feel that communication with parents is a necessity because they are a part of their child’s education and need to be alerted when things are going on in the classroom. If you have poor communication with the parents, it is more likely to cause a bigger conflict in the end. In my classroom, I plan to give daily feedback sheets for students to bring home every day to their parents to show what they have done well on or what they could improve upon. Another difference among many teachers that I have found is within the question, “What is the hardest part about teaching?” Teachers ranged from not liking the meetings because they take up a lot of time, but are crucial for parents to know about their students. While, another teacher said that her hardest part about teaching was the pay, due to that she is a pre-kindergarten teacher paid by the hour. Although in teaching the pay may not be great, I feel that it is the rewarding aspect of the …show more content…
I loved to be able to see how teachers who have been teaching for several years have grown so much since they first started. Teaching is an ongoing educational job, where you learn and gain new experiences every day. In my classroom, I hope that I can involve the parents of my students in as many ways as I possibly can because I feel that parents are a necessity to a child’s educational growth. Although, it may be hard to get them into the classroom, I also want them to advocate for their children all the way throughout their schooling. Teaching is a very rewarding job to see students grow as learners and that is why I cannot wait to be a teacher. I was also able to see that mistakes are ok and that no teacher is the perfect teacher. Every day teachers are faced with new obstacles and have to lean on their colleagues help them or find new strategies to work through it. My classroom will be a positive environment for all students, I will not tolerate bullying within my classroom. I want to make sure that students are able to respect one another and be there for each other. From this project my professional growth has developed to another level because I am able to take the input from several different teachers and use their strategies and implement them into my teaching. I know that the first

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