Preschool Experience

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I went to preschool a couple of days a week. I don’t remember a lot when I was there. I do remember it had a large playground that I loved to run around in. My grandmother would come stay at our house Monday through Friday to take care of my sister and I when my parents were at work. We were very lucky to have her; she was like my second mother. She was an amazing woman, very caring like my mother; she would give you the shirt off her back. She loved to feed people and loved doing laundry. At one point my mom tried to hide the laundry so she wouldn’t do it. She would iron our bed sheets and make sure everything was neatly folded. I lost her about 3 years ago, she passed very peacefully. I find comfort in that but miss her so much.

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It was one my sister’s teacher who pulled my mom aside and for many reasons thought we would excel in a better environment. I spend second to eight grade at the same school. Every year the same thirty kids went to the next grade. There was no mixing of classes, every year we would get one or two new kids, but other than that it was the same group of kids. I started cheerleading in fourth grade and went on until eight grades. I also started playing volleyball in seventh grade and loved it. When it came to applying for high school I was unsure. My parents didn’t want us to go to the local high school. So I applied to two private schools, Presentation of Mary, an all girls’ school, and Central Catholic. PMA was the safe choice. My sister went there and it was a small school like I was used too. With my anxiety I was afraid of change and liked the comfort of being safe. It was my eight-grade teacher who told me she thought Central would be a good choice for me because it would bring me out of my shell. My parents wanted me to take the decision on my own and did influence me either way. I think they were worried how I would handle change, but they let me make that decision. I ended up picking Central and it was the best decision. Central helped me branch out and …show more content…
One of my friends introduced us. He lived in Rhode Island with his family. He was older than me and not in school. Instantly we hit it off, I felt like I knew him my whole life. Conversation was easy and it just came naturally. We started dating my end of freshman year. When I went home for the summer it was difficult to have a long-term relationship. He came to visit me in MA a couple of times during the summer and met my family. They all loved him as much as I did. We spent the next year in Rhode Island together and another summer in different states. When I moved back to school my junior year he knew my feelings on school and supported me. It was hard to leave him in Rhode Island when I decided to move home. After a couple of months Chris decided to move in with his uncle in MA to be closer to me. My family welcomed him in and enjoyed his company. He started coming over more and started spending nights at my house. My parents were completely ok with it; we have mutual respect for each other and respectful in their house that they were ok with him staying. Chris got a job here and we fell into a comfortable pattern. After about a year Chris moved in with my parents and I. Christopher is my best friend. He makes me laugh and makes me want to be a better person. He encourages me to follow my dreams and is right next me every step of the way. We can spend a night sitting on the couch doing nothing and we still

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