Preschool At Three, Or Let It Be? Essay

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Preschool at Three, or Let it Be?

Eyes closed, deep breath. Remember back to childhood. Clinging desperately to Mom’s hand, peaking around her leg at the prompting of an overly expressive wonderful woman ready to start another beautiful day. Musty smelling carpet ground with fish crackers and surrounded by new and faded well-loved toys that never get old. Running about, meticulously working on crafts completely oblivious to the fact that learning is invisibly woven into every second of the day. Preschool is different for everyone; nevertheless, this mental image is likely similar to a childhood memory. More and more often, parents are being encouraged to enroll three year olds in a preschool or some educational setting. Is it really the best decision, three year olds are still just babies. Preschool is a life changing choice parents must all make. Thankfully, there are numerous articles and research done that can make the decision easier. All available information can appear overwhelming and daunting; however, with proper research and consideration a conclusion can be make. Preschool is a magical place for children, and although there are reasons not to attend, experiences and memories made will last a lifetime.

Is my three year old really ready for preschool?

Circumstances aside, there are several factors determining if a little three year old is ready for the daunting stage of education. Is the child mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared? Most preschools…

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