Essay On Lying Is Okay

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Do you believe lying is okay? In my precpective i think that lieng could not be acceptable.In my opinion I think lieing isnt acceptable because it could cause a death situation or destroy close relationship. For example if you lose your friends then that means that you will will be alone in life without friends to go through life with you. Another example is that if you lie about someone people are going think of you as a person they don't want to be around.It’s also not okay to lie when you have the purpose to destroy someone's feelings. For example it’s not okay to lie about a person just because you hate them or just because you dislike them. Lying is also unacceptable because it hurts innocent people that just mind their own business. These are some lies that are not acceptable.There are more lies that are not acceptable. Let me start. One reason why lieing is unacceptable is because lieing is unnecessairly and complicates your life.In my opinion I think it complicated your life because the lie could become a serios problem where it could get out of hand. For example if you spread a rumor that is not true just …show more content…
In my opinion I think it not okay to lie because if a person find out you lied than that means you lose trust and that they would not be able to to tell you a secret or something important because they will think that you will tell all kind of people but in different words. For example if your friend or someone want to tell you something important but they know that they can’t tell you because you had lied and she will also think that you will tell all kind of people but just saying in different words.In the article “ Honestly tell The Truth “ in paragraph 7 the authors mentions that you start manipulating information to control the outcome. This is the last reason why lying could not be

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