Precious Movie Paper

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Hollywood has never understood the real meaning of poverty, culture class, deviance, or sexual orientation until a director, Lee Daniels, had read the book “Push”, by Saphire, which the movie is an exact replicate of the book. When I had first seen the movie, I was very astonished at all the cursing and abuse that they had shown, I was also amazed that the director Lee Daniels, went over the line to show how hard it actually is to be a poor, young 16-year-old, African American female, pregnant, with her father’s second child, living in the poverty stricken of Harlem, New York.

Precious does very well to bite her tongue when it comes to her social issues. The relationship she has with her mother is abusive in
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Another day at Each One Teach One, the receptionist from the front desk comes to the class and calls Precious out of class to find out that her mother is sitting in the lobby, waiting for her, only to find out that her dad passes away die to AIDS. She instantly has an image of herself at a photo shoot with her future boyfriend, happier than she ever could be, just smiling and giggling because she knows that she doesn’t ever have to worry about being put in that situation ever again, she than finds out that she is tested positive for HIV which clearly scares the living life out of her because now she has another thing to live with for the rest of her life.

After the first fight with her mother, she is watching game show that almost looks as if it might be Pyramid, the three words that some people might have not noticed throughout the movie that are important to the movie, the words that were shown on the game show were crime, pregnancy, and reunion. The first word that showed up is crime; ironically this movie shows all the crimes that happened to her in the year 1987, Harlem New York. The crime of physical and sexual abuse had finally come in handy when Precious finally opened up to the teacher and social worker and it also helped when her mother stepped up telling them what first started caused all the sexual abuse

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