Essay on Pre Nursing : An Educational Track

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According to the article “What is Pre-Nursing,” Mary McMahon defines pre-nursing as “an educational track which is designed to prepare someone for enrollment in a nursing program” (McMahon). It also prepares students who are looking to transfer into nursing school or to help transfer into a four year college to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). When choosing to major in Pre-nursing, you are deciding to embark on a journey to help others. Nurses help increase patient health, prevent diseases, and help patients successfully deal with illness. Pre-nursing studies allow students to learn the art, humanity, and science of nursing. Furthermore, the Nursing field has countless specialties, such as NICU, ICU, Ob/Gyn Nursing, etc. McMahon informs us most pre-nursing programs are usually completed in 2 years to earn an Associate in Pre-Nursing (APN) degree “giving students a variety of classes which give them a firm grounding in the nursing field”(McMahon). APN degrees are generally obtained at community colleges; however some universities offer this program through an application process and selection. To receive a degree through Alamo Colleges, a student must complete a total of 60 credit hours. The Pre-Nursing studies and courses will provide students with the skills and professionalism they will need to practice successful health care in this profession. Furthermore, Pre-Nursing studies also consist of basic math and, multiple science courses. Students are also…

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