Essay on Practice Arena as a Learning Environment

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Within this assignment, I will critically analyze the significance of my practice arena as a context of learning. I will then go to explore how I as a mentor can contribute to learning in practise in order to improve the learning environment.

In order to ensure confidentiality, no names of practice areas and person are identified. However, a pseudo name (with an asterisk) has been given where applicable.

For centuries it has always been the tradition of mankind to regard their working environment not only as their source of income but also as a learning portal in hope for a better future. As mankind becomes modernized, the standard expectation of self’s competency in the workplace has
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I observed that the in my ward, there are many formal and informal learning. Formal learning takes places when the weekly discussion among the doctors and ward staff regarding the available cases in the ward, teaching a new staff while doing the patient care, staffs attending and organizing in-service training and by observing the senior nurses or mentors doing certain procedure. The informal learning opportunities occurs when the ward staff learn something new from a certain patient’s condition and brief discussion regarding patient’s condition during handovers. Informal chat while staffs are having the break is also another informal learning. Most of us would not realize that by sharing experiences is also another way of engaging the 2nd person to an informal learning session. Since the conference room is readily available most of the time, when staffs updates procedures and clinical guidelines folders or resources, he or she is having an informal learning session. Internet access in the conference room will provide and informal learning for those who uses it. Therefore the learning process in this unit is formal and informal.

There are three main learning theories; behaviourist, humanist and cognitive. Each of these theories has its own criteria. In my ward, all the three main learning theories apply. Instructors, mentors or ward sister are often in full

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