Powers Of The Branches Of Government Essays

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Powers of the Branches of Government Each branch of the government has a claim to power when it comes to checks and balances, framers feared democracy, or pure majority rule. This is something they have experienced before, the framers knew that it was most important in order to prevent the event of oligarchy in America the best choice was to divide they powers of government. In order to come up with the best plan of action that would work out best to insure order, the farmers decided to have three branches to defend the powers equally and limit powers.(Turner,p. 26-33) Checks and balance system was creatively created the three divisions were known for specific powers, federalists and anti federalist went back and forth in constant disagreement over the constitution handing the federalists too much power which they were taking away from local state and governments. Tina Watson posted in our class discussion as a response to someone,”the Anti-Federalist were for a Bill of Rights. They felt something in the constitution was needed beyond idea of Federalism and "checks and balances" to ensure the preservation of individual liberty “ (2D1- Watson). Importantly tyranny was to be feared, The Declaration of Independence states,” All persons posses certain rights by virtue of their humanity. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” ( Turner, p. 17). The three branches of government, legislative, judicial, and executive branch all have the qualifications of…

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