Positive Leader And Follower

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Transforming Into a Positive Leader and Follower A vital role in the health system of Canada is the nursing leader (Canadian Nurses Association, 2009, p. 1). However, every leader would not be able to achieve their goals alone without any supporters or followers (Hertig, 2010, p. 1412). Together leaders and followers create a strong team to work on improving patient care (Hertig, 2010, p. 1413). To create a strong and collaborative team in the health care system, I must be able to take on either role. Therefore, it is important for me to be able to understand my strengths and to work on my weaknesses for both roles.
Assessment of Leading and Following When reviewing the characteristics of an effective leader and follower, I found myself
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In order to be both a strong leader and follower, I need to be able to speak to the group (Barr & Dowding, 2016, p. 59) as well as display courage (Crossan & Mazutis, 2008, p. 138) when discussing my thoughts. If I wish to me an effective member, I need to be able to learn how to gain this confidence and then give this confidence to my team (Kouzes & Posner, 2014, p.13). If I do not offer my teammates with the challenges, or by giving them the confidence to face challenges, I will not be an effective leader. Additionally, in order to be able to learn, I need to be willing to be part of the feedback process (Hertig, 2010, p. 1413), by asking questions on my abilities (Rose & Lackie, 2014, p. 24), by not doing this I will loose the opportunity to learn and develop. I need to feel comfortable giving feedback, because in order to improve both leaders and followers require continuous evaluation (Chur-Hansen & McLean, 2006, p.67; Hertig, 2010, p. 1413). Furthermore, as a future health care provider, feedback exchanges will be a part of my practice. By knowing how to effectively give and receive evaluations, I can be sure that it will positively impact my quality of care towards my patients (Giesbers, Schouteten, Poutsma, van der Heijden, & van Achterberg, 2013, p.

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