Essay on Positive Approach Of The Young Children With Special Needs

820 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Positive approach to the young children with special need is very important for them in order to continue to their life when they were older. As future early childhood educator I see inclusion is very important and relevant to all young children, including special need children need to feel safe and secure around our environment and they also beware of their part of our human being.
I am strongly agreed that Peter(2007) saying on “countries without a special education system or little provision available to special need children will have a big problem later on” (Florian, 2014). I grow up from the country of where there is not much support for the special need children or adult. Children with disability and special need children were withdraw and excluded in the school or part of our environment. Those children were stay away for us and we hardly seem them. Even when I see them I feel scare to go near to them or talks to them. When I arrived to Australia thing are change, my points of views are change because I learned about disability, school educate us that we all are the same and they have right to do like everybody else. I see them in our everyday environment, they were included in our environments.
I believe that having the special education system is very important and we need to start educate from the young age in early childhood education. we need to deliver the correct message to young children that we all are the same and those children are also need to feel they…

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