Positive And Negative Aspects Of Managing Your Manager Essay

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So now that we understand what it means to manage the manager, we must understand what some of the positive and negative aspects of doing so are. If you step into the realm of an inexperienced and young employee, the idea of managing your boss seems like too much of a challenge or something you only hear about from the well experienced and older employees that are gunning for top positions within the company are not afraid to attack and belittle the boss or an employee that sees the boss as a stepping stone for promotion. It is quite the opposite. The organization is a team of human being that have the same end goals of maximum productivity, a work environment that is stress-free, and an overall positive climate where the entire team is positive. Managing the manager allows for an organization to divide its employees into the promising and lackluster performers. "…it is one of the few indicators we can rely on to tell which of the younger people in an organization are going places and which are going nowhere". (Drucker 8) The hunger and passion an employee has are evident in how he or she inserts themselves into the overall team. In the environment of a business, you want the best of the best and those that aren 't afraid to input and suggest information to the boss on how things can be better and more importantly, how the bosses management style could improve. This is a fine line to walk and could easily become a negative relationship with the boss if the subordinate…

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