Essay on Poor Parents And Their Children

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Uneducated Parents and their Children
In our education system, students are struggling to do well in school. There are many disputes why students can do poorly in their school work, but parents who are not involved with their children in school, ultimately alter the way they function in their lives. These types parents can be broken down into two distinct groups, the uneducated vs. the educated. This has led to extensive research into the education and the incomes of families. Research shows that educated parents are more likely to be wealthy, so money can become an issue with their children. “Wealthy parents are often absent parents, and the kids feel abandoned. When the parents try to make up lost time with money, the kids get even angrier.”, (More Money, More Problems). Whereas, uneducated parents can have often lead to low-income homes. Difficulties can arise when parents are constantly trying to make ends meet and have no time to interact with their children. Both separate social classes do impact the way the students complete their school work and maturing in their personality. But when all is said and done, uneducated parents are the ones who most people are concerned about, when it comes to their child’s education.
Students are changed when their uneducated parents are not there to spend time with them or talk to them. A feeling of resentment can sweep through their minds. No time to interact with their school or child leads to behavioral problems. And many more…

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