Poor Management Outline Essay

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This capstone project will attempt to demonstrate how toxic managers and poor managerial decisions in general have lead to a very bad working environment. Through research over the Internet as well as the polling that has recently taken place in my workplace I will provide a foundation for my capstone project. This project involves a great deal of importance to both my personal and professional lives. The rationale behind my choice of this as my capstone project topic can be quite simply summed up by a necessity to stem the tide of departures by top notch performers within our division, the requirement that change in a positive way be undertaken to correct current managerial deficiencies, and the enlightenment of all employees
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A key area of study will be managerial inadequacy and personnel issues.
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The form of my research project will be descriptive in nature as my research will be primarily used to describe what is going on or what exists. Since I will be describing my work environment and using data collected from personal interviews as well as a workplace climate survey I believe this is the appropriate style. The quality of data is dependent on open and sincere answers from my colleagues, managers, and subordinates. I have had great success with requests for participation however this does not necessarily mean that the answers given are completely honest. My Internet research along with the information attained through the exploration of the books I have chosen will help develop some proposed corrections and alternatives to the present methods of management, productivity, and personnel decision processes. Combining the hands-on work that I have accomplished along with the data collected via the Internet and literature acquired should allow the formulation of some concrete steps to take when moving toward a better professional workplace while taking into account the personal aspects which have thus far been almost singularly denied. The current environment in which my colleagues and I work is one that has several issues that

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