Political Parties : A Political Party Essay

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Political Parties

What is a political party? It is a crew that is form to elect and hold strength in the government. How many political parties can we name? Most of the citizens of America can name the two major popular parties such as, Republicans and Democratic. Beside the two major parties there are several more parties that hold a great large amount power. We have Libertarians and Green parties that also have a group of forceful individuals that satisfy the citizens’ desires that must be met. Each party mentioned has multiple goals listed for achievement but some goals can be an effect of positive or negative aspects. When reading about all the different parties and the functions each political party uses to overcome every obstacle planted ahead. Looking over the difference in each political party one can select which party best fits the need or best to follow when it results in the final decision making. Which function will be categories to be a positive or a negative movement? One of the best ways to describe the functions and difference of political parties is a decision making time. Let’s shine the light on a solid debate that separates each party from one another into one individual opinion. An important topic that is well-known to be discussed is the values of higher education and the importance it has. Now what is the importance of higher education have to do with political parties? Well it is a major discussion that involves the final and formal conclusion…

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