Political Consequences Of Iraq War Essay

1. Introduction

United States war with Iraq have been going on for many years because United States believe that the September 11th attack on the World Trade center had something to do with the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein at the time. United States emerged as the victor but at Iraq’s expenses. Iraq have to suffer political issues like civil wars and failing government because of terrorist groups. Iraq’s economy suffer greatly with unemployment rate going high. Socially Iraqi people have to live in fear and is lacking basic necessities. This essay will discuss the consequences for Iraq in the three criteria mentioned above.

2. Consequences for Iraq
2.1. Political consequences
2.1.1. New government was not very successful

Civil wars occurring in Iraq nowadays is due
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The first bad impact to Iraqi people is one- third of population now lives in poverty. People live in fear after the invasion; they are afraid of war that caused them separate from their family. In 2003, U.S invasion caused more than 133000 civilians causalities related to violence. Many people have to flee the countries. According to the UNHCR, there are 1.9 million internally displaced people in the country and 2 million refugees escaped to neighboring countries, especially Syria and Jordan (Tirman, 2009). Second impact is the destruction of infrastructures, which killed many more Iraqi people than direct killing because people lives cannot function without those. Third effect is healthcare problems due to lack of medical supplies, nurses/doctors, sanitation, clean drinking water and food supplies are the main reasons that cause Iraqi people to die. Last but not least, the education system did not function because the teachers and students cannot attend school due to bombing and kidnapping. As a result, the country lacks of human resources and has high unemployment rate (Global Policy Forum,

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