Political And Legal Perspectives Assignment Essay

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Euroculture: Political and Legal Perspectives Assignment I

Ziya Mert Karakaş

The EU is a complex supranational entity. It is not a state or a federation and it is difficult to classify. So are the questions whether the Union has attributes of each, and if yes, what are them. The democracy, in the modern times, is a fundamental part of the state functioning and is necessary for the public to involve themselves in the political decision-making. As EU is not a state nor has it a definable demos, can it be measured against other existing forms of "Liberal Democracies"?1. There is an assured sense of EU 's remoteness from the private lives in this question. But on the contrary, EU is heavily active in the daily-life of its citizens and on their national governments as the EU law has supremacy over the national laws, a democratic EU is necessary. There is a challenge being made against the EU that there are structural democratic deficits inherit in its system, meaning that it may not be representing the EU population 's ideals. This democratic deficit supposedly "stems from the fact that the transfer of national parliamentary responsibilities to the governmentally appointed Commission and the intergovermental Council has not been matched by a commensurate increase in the competences of the EU Parliament as the only directly…

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