Police Policies And Procedures Are Implemented As A Source Of Guidance For Officers

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It is unknown whether the “discharge of firearm” call that Sergeant Drummond and Officer James responded too were related to the series of credit union robberies. After gathering limited facts about the possible suspect who discharged a firearm, the officers immediately observed him exit the grocery store. Sergeant Drummond and Officer James immediately drew their weapons and point it at the black male and ordered him to get on the ground. Pointing a firearm or Taser at a suspect is considered as use of force in the Houston Police Department. The case synopsis indicates that the black man was non-combative until he observed his wife and child fell to the ground. The officers in this scenario could have taken a different approach and avoid utilizing force to subdue the black man.
HPD’s departmental policies and procedures are implemented as a source of guidance for officers to follow; however, there are certain situations where there are no clear policies for officers to reference to so they must rely on good sound judgments and adequate trainings to accomplish their mission. Use of force policies and procedures are found in almost every police department; however, it is written in a vague manner leaving no clear and precise procedures on how to handle use of force incidents. Perhaps the reason for the vagueness is to provide room for court proceedings. There are several criteria that needs to be met prior to approaching the black individual in this case study: (1) does the…

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