Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras Essay

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Law enforcement was started in the early 1800. It started as a watch group and over the past years it has developed into a unit with duties to up hold the laws of the country. One of law enforcement officers main purpose is to protect citizens, but with the increase in police brutality and shootings are they protecting or destroying. Increase in police brutality and shootings increases concerns as to whether law enforcement officers should wear body cameras. This research paper will have arguments support the thesis. In the paper, there are results taken from reliable sources. This paper will be interesting because we all live in a world that is protected by law enforcement and we all need to know the effect of equipping officers with body cameras so we can make the correct decision. This paper is also interesting because of its purpose which is to show readers that the increase on police brutality and shootings have also increased the call for body camera to increase trust, decrease brutality and provide evidence.
Police officers should wear body cameras because it will increase trust between law enforcement and the citizens. Police officers main purpose is to serve and protect the citizens and to do so there must be trust. “Officers perceive that body worn cameras can improve their behavior” (Jennings and others, 2014). Body cameras will improve trust between law enforcement and citizens because there is an increase in behavior. The human brain is developed so that we…

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