Police Misconduct Towards African Americans Essay

1342 Words Nov 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Chandra Gautam
English 15 prof. Jaap
Police Misconduct towards African-Americans
In recent years, police brutality has emerged as a nationwide problem. The acts of police misconduct are worse with the African-American community. Due to police misconducts many court cases have sprung up due to this problem. The courthouses are incessantly thronged with cases of police brutality. Some of these cases never get the deserved justice. In a survey, only 30% of police brutality cases are reported. According to the law, the police are allowed to use legitimate force when necessary in their police activities. However, the use of excessive force is an act of misconduct and unlawful. In the recent rise in cases of brutality, it comes out that most cases of police brutality affect the minority groups. The most affected group is the African American community. At times, the police try to legitimize these acts of using excessive force. The argument the police bring forward is that they try to mitigate wrong doings or disorderly behavior from these groups. This means that the police involved in these acts of brutality to minority groups regard the minority groups as dangerous regardless of their activities. This is an act of discrimination to the minority and is unlawful (Fridell & Lim, 2016).
This year alone, more than 102 African Americans have fallen victims of unarmed shootings by police officers. According to survey by Desmond, Papachristos, & Kirk, (2016) one in every three…

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