Police Brutality Research

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Police Brutality Targets Minorities Police Brutality seems to be becoming more of a bigger problem as the days go by. You hear stories on the news that another police officer killed an innocent black man or women and it makes you wonder why. The reason why I chose police brutality as my topic to research is because I wanted to find out more about why this is becoming such a big issue, what causes a police officer to use a gun first and not a taser, and the connection it has with minority groups. While conducting my research I found lots of different sources that talked about police brutality being a problem, what needs to be done, and the group of people that are normally the target of such awful abuse. When I first began my research I wanted …show more content…
It goes on to say that because of social media police brutality is now in the media and is being talked about on news channels, when it never was before. Some people might not think that police brutality was happening a few years ago because it was never on the news or talked about, but in reality it happens around us all the time and thanks to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more social media sites police brutality is being brought to our eyes. It also talks about the relationship between African-Americans and law-enforcement that goes back to Jim Crow, the laws that were about racial segregation. I think the reason that police officers and black individuals have a rough relationship is because they are “different” when they are most like then anything. I think that police officers treat people who aren’t like them differently because they are different from them and that is wrong. Everyone is equal we all do the same thing and are capable of doing the same thing, so treating someone differently just because of their skin is ridiculous, we need to be excepting of

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