Police Brutality Of The United States Essay

839 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Benjamin Spock, a best selling American pediatrician, once said, “Most middle-class whites have no idea what it feels like to be subjected to police who are routinely suspicious, rude, belligerent, and brutal.” Police brutality is defined as the use of excessive or unnecessary force by police when dealing with a civilian. People in power abusing their ability to take advantage of citizens has always been a problem. In U.S. history, this abuse of power has mainly been directed towards minorities, and to this day still exists. In an effort to solve this issue, we must examine its complications and the best way to approach them. First of all, it is important to figure out why police officers abuse their power in the first place. The reasons for this mainly pertain to the security and freedom that encompasses the lifestyle of authorities. To elaborate, many officers tend to be trained to use the most required amount of enforcement; which results in the local officials covering up or even condoning this kind of behavior. Another issue is the fact that there is no concrete “standard” of force that can be used as a guide. In the position of an officer, it is in some ways a free-for-all on the streets. This in combination with the fact that they are allowed to, and in some ways even encouraged, take matters into their own hands emerges into a troubling match. All in all, it can be summarized into the statement of, “they do it because they can”. In order to solve this issue, a…

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