Police And The Inhumane Force

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It seems like every month there is a new story covered in the news regarding police using inhumane force when handling a situation with a young black male. According to CNN, the most common form of police misconduct in today’s society is excessive force. There are so many ethical cops out there that do their jobs correctly and have never used violent force unless necessary. However, there are those few cops that use excessive force to get the job done. Those are the cops that we need to stop. Police brutality is becoming more prevalent and is causing a racial divide in society. By incorporating body cameras, having more oversight of police by civilians, ensuring better training, and incorporating a zero tolerance policy against officers, we …show more content…
Many of the incidents that include police using misconduct is because of the poor police tactics that are learned. Poor training leaves police to use violent force in any and all situations. When one is training to become a police officer there is a lot of hours and hard work that goes into it, but what needs to be learned in training is not necessarily being taught. Police spend around 58 hours learning how to use a gun and only 8 hours learning the department’s policy on the use of force. In order to put a stop to these endless killings of innocent people police need to focus more time on when it is acceptable to use force. Several people think that we should demilitarize local police so incidents like the Michael Brown case don’t ever happen. However, this would be a horrible idea because each day police are put in dangerous situations. If we eliminate their weapons how will they protect themselves? In order to reduce police brutality there needs to be new training procedures that prepares the trainees for stressful confrontations and allows them to separate between appropriate and effective decision from an inadequate reaction that does more harm than good. Recently, “for the past three years, every police recruit in the state has undergone a style of training at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, where officials are determined to produce guardians of democracy who serve and protect instead of warriors who conquer and control.” (Kindy, 2015) By training police to serve and protect civilians instead of using force that conquers and controls we are allowing police to properly learn how to de-escalate conflict that arises. By fixing a dangerous situation without involving guns we are becoming a safer nation. By working together, we can reduce the number of

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