Police Brutality Is Negative And Requires Reform Essay

1529 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
Police brutality has been happening for a long time and has only been recently widely recognized. The media has brought more attention to the problem. This issue appears to happen in more populated regions due to the lack of cohesion between the community and the police department. A main problem seems to be the racial targeting by some police forces. By particular issues being broadcast to the public, their reactions are being swayed. Using education can help encourage the public and police department work together. Due to the influence of the media the view of the police force in America is negative and requires reform. Police brutality has been an ever increasing problem since the case of Rodney King was exposed. King was an American taxi driver who was brutally beaten by four police officers following a high speed car chase. The beating was recorded by a man from his balcony and was then aired across the nation. This sparked a huge outcry in cities where racial tensions were high and then continued to raise concern about the treatment of minorities by police officers. The King event took place in March 1991 and since then there have been hundreds of police brutality cases reported. “The number of police brutality complaints have gone up since the Rodney King case first was publicized” (Harrison 30). The issue of police brutality, however, has been going on for much longer than 24 years. “We’ve been in business for 130 years” (Martinez 2). Robert Bogle is referring to…

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