Police Brutality Effects

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Police brutality is defined as the use of uncontrolled forces by policemen when dealing with certain individuals. Uncontrolled forces takes place when a force is imperative in order to conduct harmful situations. However, police brutality can be appear in several different instances, but the most frequent instance is physical form. Physical forms takes place when policemen utilize the use of several styles of hand guns, harmful pepper spray, mace, batons, etc. in order to terrorize or purposely abuse people. “Other forms of police brutality can takes place when a policemen falsely arrest someone, verbalized wording, racial discrimination, and improper use of firearms” (Alpert 2001).
The effect police brutality have on African American males
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Racial profiling is the call of an individual race or ethnicity as having suspicion of someone that have committed a crime. Many citizens of other races do not presume that policemen racially profile African American males. Some often say, “Police are only preserving us.” But, is that truly the case? In real life, officers do, but sometimes the policemen do not. Police brutality has become a huge issue, that when an individual hears or sees a police siren, he/she instantly jump and feel frightened because he do not want to feel as if their the one that is getting into any hassles. Should citizens have to feel frightened when a police officer is near? People of color, preferable African American males are consistently targeted by policemen and majority of the people stare and videotape, but does little or nothing about …show more content…
In a serious case of racial profiling, Philando Castile was shot and assassinated by a police officer in St Paul, Minnesota. He was a 32 year old African American male that was armed with a concealed weapon but he was licensed to carry the firearm. He was pulled over by one policemen for having a busted taillight in the back of his car. Before the police officer proceeded to search him, he informed the officer he had a licensed firearm, so the police officer shot Philando’s arm off. Purposeless police brutality acts generate a humiliation towards police

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