Essay on Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

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Like many professions peace officers take an oath before they can receive a shiny badge. They take an oath to protect, and serve the citizen of the United States. Unfortunately, some officers do not keep this oath. Within the past three decades police brutality has become more exposed to the public. Which brings about the question, what has led to the rising reports of police brutality? Some people believe police brutality has to do with racial profiling, others believe officers are doing what their jobs entails, and the final group believes officers use police brutality as way to show they are superior to the public. Due to all the cases of police brutality involving minority groups, many people believe racial profiling is the source of police brutality. Police brutality has led people to believe that police use excessive force due to racial profiling, way to feel superior, or officers had no other choice. Racial Profiling take place in all social settings across the world. However, racial profiling is more apparent through police brutality. According to Melvin Wilson, In a Nebraska study, it was found that minority groups such as African Americans and Hispanics were more likely to be stopped for traffic violations, searched during a traffic stop, and arrested for minor traffic violations, than their peers. (Wilson 3) Wilson also goes on to describe how racial profiling is used from the police: It is reasonable to state that there is a nexus to racial…

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