Police Brutality And Its Effects On Society 's Culture Essay

810 Words Mar 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Police brutality is a controversial topic when it comes to social media outlets. For example, the excessive shooting by a police officer caused the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MI. According to Ferguson Police Report, the Ferguson Police department was filled with so much corruption in their practices that the U.S Department of Justice had to fully investigate the Ferguson Police Department on September 4, 2014. Our history always has a way of repeating itself. Police brutality is not a new idea, however, since the “war on drugs” propaganda, there was an increase in minority arrests for drug classifications. Recently, police have been adapted to the use of military equipment and the shoot to kill mentality. Violence is deeply embedded in society’s culture. We use different types of violence to apprehend typical agendas, such as political, social, economic and environmental arraignments. Violence can be expressed through a variety of ways, for example, certain phrases, attitudes, structures or systems. Violence will cause a physical, psychological, social and environmental damages to society. Violence being used as the main source to negotiate terms although, it creates conflict and divides the people more socially. We are so connected to violence that we would not survive in a peaceful world. For example, the news media loves to show devastating events instead of more peaceful events. Community members who live in poverty surrounded by drugs use and guns are used to…

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