Podcasting Essay

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Web Tools for Distance Education-Podcasting
Darlene LaBarre
University of Capella
Podcasting is one of the most recent uses of Internet technology. The term "podcast" is a mixture of the words iPod and broadcast with "iPod" being the name given to a family of portable MP3 players from Apple Inc. "MP3" is a frequent file format for electronic audio files. From an educational perspective the use of podcasts are limitless. Since creating podcasts is fairly easy and inexpensive, instructors can easily use them for delivery of supplemental information or review of previously covered material. Podcasts can also be used for acquiring new and supplemental knowledge from expert sources on the web. Listening to podcasts provides
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Auditory learning is the most portable form of learning, and can be used anytime and anywhere (Muppala and Kong 2007). Lee and Chan (2007b), for example, maintained that short, "bite-sized" (p. 206) audio clips can not only fill dead-time moments amidst other day-to-day activities, but also coincide with these activities for pervasive learning that is interwoven into the learners' lifestyles. This allows for learning that takes place regardless of time and geographical locations (Clark et al. 2007).
Current students of traditional university age were born in the 1 98Os. They have been labeled the Net Generation or Digital Natives because these people, unlike previous generations, cannot remember a time when the Internet did not exist. They have grown up being both entertained and educated through the use of TV, video games, and the Internet (Prensky, 2001). In contrast, those of previous generations are categorized as Digital Immigrants. Regardless of whether they embrace new technology, they were not raised on it and have had to learn about it as it entered their lives. However, non-traditional students have been found to be as interested (or more so) in podcasts as younger students and to use them at least as much and even more than traditional aged students (Robinson, 2007b).
Podcasts have many uses in education. Informal learning can take place when a student listens to podcasts.

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