Playing Sports And Physical Sports Essay

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Every person in the world has some sort of interests whether it’s reading or playing soccer. Athletics is defined as, physical sports and games of any kind. In my case I am very interested in sports. I’ve been an athlete for as long as I can remember. Athletics is way for me to escape and forget about everything for a while. Playing sports has taught me how to focus only on what I am doing. For instance, I did cheerleading for eleven years of my life and during competitions I had to perform a routine in front of hundreds of people and judges along with my team. I couldn’t mess up and if I did the team would get points deducted. That meant I had to drown out the cheering crowd and ignore the judges and focus on the team, the music, and myself. In the long run, I can now focus on one thing and focus well. Reading is a cognitive process that involves decoding symbols to arrive at meaning. Reading hasn’t really been a strong suit for me simply because I get bored quickly. In school the teachers would assign us books to read and they dragged on and on and I always managed to fall asleep reading them. But, if I get a good book that is appealing to me and I enjoy reading that subject, I will have no problem reading it. In the healthcare field there are going to be many essays and books I’m going to have to read that will be boring and as long as I know that there is a reason as to why I have to read it, I will. Recreational activities are actions that are performed solely for…

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