Playing Softball As A Child Essay

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The Subject was more involved in activities and toys throughout kindergarten and elementary as it is easier to become distracted at such a young and beginning of her schooling. Some things she enjoyed were recess, playing softball as soon as she was eligible, which lead to a healthy and developing body staying active in sports and being able to cooperate with others, and she also loved playing with her dolls and barbies, esspcially with her cousin Cara. Amy also collected stuffed animals as a child. She can remember receiving some on her birthday and Christmas as she enjoyed playing and even some imaginary play with her dolls. Amy definitely seemed to follow the gender role. But when it came to time with her buddy, aka dad, she definitely didn’t mind bringing out the tomboy in herself. As mentioned previously she helped out with the animals and would feed and stay right by her dad 's side as she looked up to him. They did some not so girly things at a young age such as, fishing, front hunting, and trips to the dumpster. When it came to parenting both mother and father were very involved and supportive, Amy was a good baby who was well behaved. The parents were able to set firm and clear limits and allow disagreement with explanation, an authoritative style. For example the subject can remember a clear rule her parents gave, she wasn’t allowed to to talk on the phone for very long. For one, they thought she could be busy doing more productive things, and two, they always…

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