Process Essay: The Sport Of Softball

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Several people often misconceive softball as being an effortless, female dominated sport that requires little to no skill. Some say that softball is just a sport in which you hit the ball and run through bases trying not to get out. People who have never played softball, let alone any other sport, will say that softball is made easier for females. Before I began to play softball, I too speculated that softball was one of the most basic sports there was. Speaking from experience, softball is quite challenging and tiresome. There are at most ten players playing in the field on every team. Being a softball player requires a lot of proficiency, competitiveness, and alertness. “Hitting a fast pitch requires you to be fast, so anything that makes …show more content…
Being in the outfield requires that you keep the ball in front of you at all times. It is normal for a person in infield to slip up and not catch the ball, but as an outfielder you have to back them up and make sure that your opponent doesn’t get the chance to score a point. You must back up the person in the infield position at all times, even if they look like they are about to catch the ball you should be there just incase they don’t. Fly balls can be difficult to catch especially if the sun is shining bright. To catch a fly ball, you must make eye contact with the ball in the sky before you make a move to run and catch the ball. Although catching fly balls can be difficult, ground balls are always the trickiest ones to stop because just when you think it’s going to go right into your glove it can go straight past it. To catch a ground ball, you must get in front of it and field it in front of your body using both of your hands. Everybody always seem to forget about catchers in softball. A catcher must always be paying attention and ready to act quickly. Pop ups happen a lot during the game. When the ball pops up, the catcher must remove their mask and find the ball in the sky. Once the ball is found, you have to throw your mask to the opposite side and instantly get your glove up to make the

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