Plato's Cave Analysis

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Over this semester, the two works that stood out to me the most were Plato's Cave and the writing Jobs in the bible. Plato's Cave is allegorical writing with much representation in the atmosphere of the story. Plato's cave starts off by describing a dark, little to no light cave with people chained down by shackles in it. The peoples only entertainment and occupation is watching the shadows on the wall. They know nothing else but the show does that apead on the Wall.Eventually in the story, one of the shackled down people break free and come out to a sunlite, vibrante world. Once that person sees there is more outside of the dark and dingy cave, he tries to come back and tell the other people in the cave that there is more than this confined, shadow show cave. The people to seem not to recognize him and decided to kill him because they are afraid of change and believing in something that they haven't seen. Job is a story about a very righteous man in the bible. This man has been very blessed with a wife and kids with land and many sheep. God decides to talk about Job and how proud he was of him. Satan decided to show up and put a wager on Job claiming he won't keep his faith if God took all of his …show more content…
A worldview is the way an individual see the world through their eye. Everyone is going to see the world with a different perspective. In Plato's Cave we understand the people are chained down and the only things they ever look at are the shadows on the wall. There view is so limited almost like a child-like mind because of the only things they have opened their mind too. “How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?” Plato writes. From this we see he is making a metaphor. He is foreshadowing his point of us not wanting to change and only looking at what we want to see or

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