Plato's Cave Arguments

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Introduction: In this paper, I will argue that are like the prisoners in Plato's Allegory of The Cave.
To make this argument, I will first out the Allegory of The Cave. Second, I will argue that we are like the prisoners about the fact that what we see is selected for us, much like the people in Plato's trench picking which figurines they will hold up. Third I will entertain the strongest possible counter-argument which is that we are not like the prisoners because we can choose what we watch. It follows then that we are not prisoners of the choices of others, notably the media who may otherwise be agenda setters. Forth I will rebut that counter-argument by stating that due to the consolidation of media outlets the choices available to us are dwindling. Finally, I will conclude my paper by summarizing the main lines of argument and reiterating my thesis that we are like
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In Plato's allegory of The Cave. There is a cave with a fire at one end a trench and wall some prisoners chained to that way and then another wall. The prisoners in this cave are chained in such a way as to force them only to have the ability to see the wall directly in front of them. On this wall, they look at the shadows of objects that they have given names and sounds too These shadows make up their only view of reality. The shadows themselves are cast by the light of the fire onto figurines and puppets being held up above the wall by people walking along the trench. These puppet masters decide what the prisoners the see and hear shaping that reality. One day one of the prisoners gets loose and learns and the truth about his existence. After he grows content with his new life, he goes back into the cave After call tries to explain all that he has earned to the prisoners. This does not go well because he is crazy and that they should kill him for telling such lies. I have now provided an outline of Plato's allegory of The

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