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The triangle:
The triangle is a plane figure which is formed by three lines and therefore it has three sides. This shape can be found in many contemporary and historical contexts as can be seen below.
1) The pink triangle is usually associated with the gay community and the gay rights movement as a symbol of empowerment, however, the pink triangle started during around world war two. The Nazis wanted to create an easy system so as to differentiate between the diverse groups in the concentration camps and as a result, along with the individual numbering system, symbols and letters were attached onto uniforms which were to be constantly worn. The pink triangle was attached to those men who were imprisoned for sexual deviance such as homosexuality. In order for guards and other prisoners to see clearly when a homosexual prisoner approaches, the pink triangle was made 2cm larger than any of the other classification triangles. Since prisoners with this badge were afraid that they will harassed, they tried to avoid any contact whatsoever with other prisoners. Other captives would have been in trouble if the associated with those that had a pink triangle and therefore these prisoners did their best to be as invisible as possible.
2) An equilateral triangle with an eye in
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This triangle is also well-known as the Sierpinski gasket or Sierpinski sieve. This shape is made from an equilateral triangle which is then further divided into smaller equilateral triangles. In order to create it you first must draw out an equilateral triangle and then, forming four discrete triangles, join the midpoints of all sides. Afterwards, you cut out the triangle in the middle and then replicate the same procedure for the three remaining triangles. You can go on repeating these same steps until you are satisfied with the image. Sierpinski`s triangle creates the same image as mod2 of Pascal`s

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