The Color Purple Analysis

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“We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it,” states Rick Warren. Rick Warren is a pastor for Saddleback church, who is also the author of many books such as The Purpose of Driven life. Being prisoner to the past means being stuck on a terrifying or life changing experience that one is unable to let go of. Not letting that memory go traps one in an endless loop where everything is guided in their life to misery. Characters such as Cholly and Pauline are stuck in this loop. Cholly isn’t able to let go of the traumatic experiences from his past, causing him to act out carelessly. Both Pauline and Pecola are mistreated by Cholly. Pauline is left feeling ugly and unappreciated, while Pecola is raped and beaten. Both are …show more content…
Pecola suffers from physical problems. Pecola becomes pregnant from being raped by her father. Pecola is too young and weak to care for the baby, eventually leading to her losing the baby. Pecola’s body is way too young to have to experience the weight of being pregnant. Ary Syamanad Tahir writes in his article “Gender Violence in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple,” “The stand of Frieda's father is contrasted with Pecola’s father, how the latter neglected her daughter and even involved in incest. The role of father in family is vital in securing and educating children”(5). Syamanad is saying that Cholly is failing to meet his role in the family to give support to Pecola. Even from the pregnancy she has to deal with the pain and struggles of being pregnant at a young age. If Pecola would have been raised like Frieda, she wouldn’t have been put through this physical pain of rape and pregnancy. Frieda’s father followed these vital roles of a father. Cholly felt sorry for himself and focused on his issues more than the issues of Pecola. He hit her and raped her out of self pity. Leaving her physically scarred. These physical problems lead to more health problems like social wellbeing and mental

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