Plastic Surgery : A Bad Image For Younger Men And Women Essay

1484 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
For many years, people of all genders and ages have turned to plastic surgery to help with imperfections on their body. In certain situations, plastic surgery is needed. For instance, if someone gets in a crash and need a nose job to fix a problem then fix it. To try and enhance features on a body seems wrong and ,most of the time, unneeded. Plastic surgery can be expensive, provide a bad image for younger men and women, and most effects are not reversible. The first documented cosmetic surgery procedure was in 1895(History of Plastic Surgery). Knowing this information, it is common sense that the procedure, probably, was not cheap. For most, plastic surgery was only for the rich and if you absolutely needed it. In the 2000’s, “normal” people started getting procedures done more and more each year. In 2002, a Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck) costed $4,455. That could get any student at EAC through about three semesters of college. But, that is just the beginning. In April of this year a tummy tuck costs $8,100 (Procedural Statistics). $3,645 is the difference of a tummy tuck in 2002 versus 2016. To feel beautiful does not mean you need to spend $12,000 on a face lift or $6,000 in liposuction. Anyone can go down to the gym and set up a gym membership for about $40, which per year is $480. Anyone can go to the store and pick up the ingredients to make a salad with a protein like chicken or steak instead of going and getting a hamburger and some fries. If someone gets…

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