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Planning A Vacation Planning a vacation can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Vacation is supposed to be a fun time when the stress of everyday life can be forgotten. If certain steps and guidelines are followed, planning a vacation can be as fun as going on one. When planning a vacation the first step is deciding where to go. For people who like to relax, a tropical island with a beach might be appealing. However people who like action might like somewhere with an abundance of adventures. When choosing a destination, take into consideration budget and the length of the vacation (Epstein). Some places may only have a few activities, and would make a good weekend vacation, while other destinations may have a surfeit of adventures, and would make for a better long vacation. The second, and arguably most important, step in planning a vacation is to do research. Whether the vacation isn’t far from home or it’s to another country, research will improve your trip. The more research is done before the trip, the less stress there will be during it. If the vacation is overnight, the first thing to research is accommodations. There are several options, such as hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfast’s. To choose where to stay some things should be taken into consideration. When staying on a budget a motel is a good option, but if the budget isn 't a concern a luxury resort might be chosen. Other things to take into consideration are the amount of time you are…

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