Planning A Vacation Essay

Planning A Vacation Planning a vacation can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Vacation is supposed to be a fun time when the stress of everyday life can be forgotten. If certain steps and guidelines are followed, planning a vacation can be as fun as going on one. When planning a vacation the first step is deciding where to go. For people who like to relax, a tropical island with a beach might be appealing. However people who like action might like somewhere with an abundance of adventures. When choosing a destination, take into consideration budget and the length of the vacation (Epstein). Some places may only have a few activities, and would make a good weekend vacation, while other destinations may have a surfeit of adventures, …show more content…
When packing for a vacation the destination and activities need to be carefully considered. Some things may be obvious. For example, if the destination is warm, warm weather clothes must be packed. A detrimental mistake is not taking into consideration the less obvious, required items. For example, if an indoor rock climbing excursion is planned, the rock climbing website might not have explicitly stated that tennis shoes are required. While the website didn’t say tennis shoes are required it could be very difficult to do rock climbing in sandals, so tennis shoes should still be packed. If the destination is warm, it may seem like heavy jackets or long pants aren 't necessary. Even in tropical or warm areas it can cool down at night, so jackets and long pants should still be packed. Some other items that travelers usually forget include rain coats, bathroom products, eyeglasses, and chargers (Hinkle). Packing in advance can help to not forget these items. Even if it means throwing items into a suitcase at random in the weeks leading up to a vacation, it can reduce the number of forgotten items (Gordon). If the method of travel for the vacation is flying a suitcase may have to be checked at the airport. Checking bags at the airport can be expensive, so for shorter vacation all of the necessities may be able to be packed in a carry on bag. The last step is to go on vacation. If the vacation is well planned everything should go smoothly. Knowing that the trip was planned in advance can really remove a lot of the stresses of vacationing. Don’t forget that not every second of the trip has to be planned or scheduled. Some of the fun of vacation is leaving time to relax or explore the place that is being visited. Not knowing what is going to happen next can be fun,

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