Planned Parenthood 's Slogan, Care Essay

1066 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Planned Parenthood 's slogan, "Care. No matter what.", shows that the company is willing to do whatever it takes to care for their patients, even if it involves breaking the law. Some states have redirected their funds from Planned Parenthood, a primarily women 's health care clinic, to other, more effective health clinics. Why? Planned Parenthood has been reported as selling fetal tissue and performing abortions past twenty weeks. Both reports above have evidence against them and have happened on multiple reports, not to mention that they are illegal! Planned Parenthood does provide free information about, STDS, birth control, health insurance and more, however, it could never compensate for the illegal selling of fetal tissue and abortions they have preformed and will continue to do so. Planned Parenthood, "...despite laws being broken, women [are] being harmed, and babies [are] being killed and sold for profit"(Burton). To add to my monstrosity that they they have already caused by breaking laws, Planned Parenthood is also hurting women and in some cases selling aborted babies ' fetal tissue without the mother 's consent. Some argue that the mother did nit want it she will not care, she did nit want the child anyway. No matter if she wants the chid or nit, she is still the one legally in charge if it and can agree or disagree to whatever she would like done to the baby. It is looked down upon to take any body part from a deceased elderly person unless their consent is…

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